Oil & Gas law

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A landman or oil and gas company may contact you about your mineral rights. I use my oil and gas experience to help landowners protect their interests and to understand their rights when dealing with development, such as:

  • Oil & Gas Leases (Producers 88 of Paid-Up Lease)

  • Rights of way for roads and pipelines

  • Land use agreements for drilling and storage of petrochemicals

Oil & Gas

Producers are leasing land all throughout Texas, in the Eagle Ford, Barnett, Permian and East Texas fields. Some leases in Texas are over 100 years old. A landman or oil and gas company may contact you about your mineral rights.

Oil and gas development can be complex to landowners. You need to understand the documents that you are being asked to sign. Oil and gas documents are complex and unique to every deal.

Get the guidance you deserve before signing. You can bet that the oil company has lawyers looking out for their interests, you should, too.

Examples of what you may need to understand before signing are:

  • How your surface and mineral rights will be affected

  • How your royalties will be calculated

  • What is the length of the primary term of the lease

  • How the lease can be extended

  • What the pooling and unitization provisions allow

  • How the lease will work if it is sold

  • If you should negotiate a separate right of way agreement or surface use agreement

  • Whether you should warrant the title to your land

  • Whether you should ask for audit rights or other protections

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