Nixon Daughtrey


Hello, my name is Nixon Daughtrey and I'm the owner of the Daughtrey Law Firm. I founded this firm because I wanted to practice law in a different way.

In August 2011, I said goodbye to my mother, who passed away from cancer. In December that year, I said goodbye to my grandmother who passed away from cancer and a broken heart.

These events changed forever how I look at life.  I never imagined having to deal with two loved ones in the hospital at the same time. I thought I had done everything I could to plan for their passing, but I was not completely prepared.

I know how hard it is to implement even a well-thought-out plan when grieving. I probated both my mother's and my grandmother's estates personally. Standing in court as the attorney and the executor tore my heart to pieces.

Every time I had to do something for their estates, I pictured my mother or my grandmother in my mind's eye. The smell of the paper, the look of the printing on the page, even seeing their names was difficult for me for a long time which prolonged the probate process.

2017 Photo Family.jpgWhen I got over my grief, I returned to the oil business.  Soon I realized that I didn't want to spend my life drilling holes in the ground for a company that cared about getting oil out of the ground cheaply. My goals changed. I knew I needed to help people.

With this in mind, I opened my firm where we build lifelong relationships with our clients. We genuinely want to help you. We don't want you to be scared to call us because you think you will get a bill. We will not nickel and dime you to death.

I help families and small businesses. I rarely charge hourly any more, and I help my clients plan for success and avoid difficult times. A good estate plan or business plan is hard to execute when times are tough, a poor plan or no plan is nearly impossible to execute.

I will fight for you. I have learned that careful preparation and planning can help you avoid most litigation. Even if you are in court, basic plans and structures will put you in a better position to pursue or defend your legal rights than just working on a handshake or promise. I can't always keep you from getting sued, but I can help you to be ready if you do.