Prepare for Life

You have to do more than simply decide how your assets will be divided after you die. We will help you make sure that you provide for your loved ones, your partners and the survival of your dream when you are gone.

How We Help

Do you want your business to survive you?

Each business we plan includes your eventual exit plan. Prepare now so your business will continue with your particular brand or style whether you are on vacation, taking a health break, after you sell or when you pass it on after you are gone.

How will my business survive me?

You need a documented road map, called a business succession plan for your business and loved ones to follow in the event of your death, disability or retirement. Leave a meaningful legacy that can be managed or sold easily, instead of leaving them a big mess.

How do I create a succession plan?

To create your business succession plan, you must clearly establish your goals and objectives, as well as your company's current human and financial resources. We will help you develop a plan that prides for your family, clients, and team so they can continue on with ease and love after you are gone.

What does my succession plan include?

Your plan may include a program for distribution of business stock and other assets, provisions regarding death, life insurance policies, or buy-sell agreements between the business owners. You may want to plan how to divide responsibilities among successors or you may also want to establish the value of your business for sales reasons.

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