Run your visionary plans by your business lawyer, it's the very best thing you could do


You worked hard for what you have, haven't you? We know you want to keep what is yours. We will help you to protect your business from accidents, to minimize losses from making poor decisions, or suffering from encounters with dishonest people

How We Help

How do I protect my brand and ideas?

You worked hard for what you have and you want to keep what is yours. We will help you protect your business in many ways.

Do you handle money the right way?

Do you have a strong relationship with your CPA & bookkeeping team? Do you track loans & capital contributions to your business? Outside financing? We help you navigate the legal and tax implications for each of these situations.

Do you protect your ideas and your brand?

Do you have ideas for product lines, businesses, programs, and services? We will help you protect your ideas by selecting appropriate methods, including trademarks, copyrights, and patents to protect your branding, systems, and processes.

Are you properly insured?

The right types and amounts of insurance can give you the security you deserve. Have you considered casualty, general or professional liability, workers' compensation, or other insurance for your operations? What about your home, vehicles, income, and life?

Do you know how to hire and fire?

We can help you hire well, train smart and fire when necessary so that you can safely grow and change your business as needed.

Are your agreements in place?

You make agreements with investors, lenders, clients, vendors, employees, independent contractors, partners, and customers. We know your success can depend on agreements that set clear boundaries and create deals where everyone wins.

I would recommend The Daughtrey Law Firm to anyone looking for sound legal representation. M. Daughtrey performed the work for me in a timely manner and he was very thorough. H answered all of my questions in a way that made sense to me.

-Vanessa Hunter

Mr. Daughtrey advised me about the transaction and gave me accurate advice what would happen during the negotiations.

-Mohamed “Moe” Aluloom

Nixon’s ability to anticipate the steps in the transaction kept me calm and focused. I believe that Nixon saved me stress and helped me to make more money in this sale.

-Robert A Mitchiner

Nixon worked well with me and was very attentive to my needs.

-Vanessa Hunter

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