How are we different?

Most people don’t like lawyers because we remind them of life’s worst events:  injuries, suffering, divorce, jail, or death.  And don’t forget bills - big ones! We understand.

We’ve been there, too.


Who we do this for:

We built this practice based on technology and efficiency.  Your business is lean and so are we.  We can keep you ready and able to win every day's battles. 

We help you succeed.



A traditional lawyer may not be prepared to help YOU. The concept of "good enough" often eludes them since your needs are unique and don't fit into a box. What they call a "matter."


We want to see you succeed. Your success is our success. That's why we are dealmakers, not deal breakers.


Traditional attorneys usually fix things after the fact and in court. We work with you to help prevent problems and avoid going to court in the first place.


We guide you through potential legal risks as you boldly move ahead of your competition.


With our help, you can have the legal knowledge you need to thrive in difficult times. 

I recommend The Daughtrey Law Firm to anyone looking for sound legal representation. Mr. Daughtrey performed the work for me in a timely manner and he was very thorough. He answered all of my questions in a way that made sense to me.

-Vanessa Hunter

Mr. Daughtrey advised me about the transaction and gave me accurate advice about what would happen during the negotiations.

-Mohamed “Moe” Aluloom

Nixon’s ability to anticipate the steps in the transaction kept me calm and focused. I believe that Nixon saved me stress and helped me to make more money in this sale.

-Robert A. Mitchiner

Nixon worked well with me and was very attentive to my needs.

-Vanessa Hunter

Daughtrey Law is right for you when you want to:

Make better deals that grow your business and create revenue

Empower your business with a trusted legal advisor

Keep your business legally healthy so you are protected when you need it most

Free yourself from stress about legal details

Legally protect assets through proper planning

Build a business that will provide for your future

If that’s what you want - and if you qualify - we could make a dyanmic team.  Start now!